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We want to help you to get into the RV of your dreams!

To get started fill out the Financing Application Form so we can quickly

find you the RV that fits your lifestyle and your budget!

How does it work?

Once you fill out the credit application online, the application will be received electronically and your credit pulled. From that point, we will review the application/credit and go over anything needed for bank approval.

How soon will I know?...

We understand the importance of getting an answer back to the customer quickly. Depending on the credit score, most applications can be approved and contracted on the same day!


What will my interest be?...

Loans are available for borrowers with a credit score between 550- 850. Interest rates have many variables, credit score being one of them, so it is difficult to quote a standard rate. Rates can range anywhere from 4.24% to 17.95%. The terms, depending on credit history and loan amount, ranging from 48 months to 240 months. The best part is all of our loans are simple interest loans written at a fixed rate! 


I'm sure my past financial history will be a problem!...

We specialize in financing customers with past credit problems, including bankruptcies, charge-offs, collections, and judgments

We're here to do our best to help you get your dream RV!


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