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Our first location was started by Galen Levengood. He was a man of vision and integrity. He loved hard work and helping others. He and his wife, Lois, started the business in 1969 renting his neighbors garage. As people came to know Galen as the guy who could fix anything, who was honest and fair, and with a great sense of humor, the business grew. Sadly, Galen passed away in 1988. But he has handed down his work ethic and his business to his children. He had all of his children, Del, Matt, & Christy, working in the business and learning from him. Today the business is run by his son Del with the same passion and caring his father had for the business. His son, Matt, works in the business and has the same strong work ethic his father possessed.

Our second location, Mohican RV Center, was opened by Del in 1995. Del chose the Mohican area in Loudonville because the love of outdoor life was evident in the area with all the campgrounds and water activities.

Galen would be so proud of the legacy he left behind. If you are looking for an RV, or need help repairing yours, you will find a family-run business at Atwood Trailer. It is still run by a family who will truly care about finding your family the RV that you can create fond memories in. They know the joy of growing up as a family enjoying the great outdoors camping in an RV.



Galen & Lois


Del & Sue


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Matt Levengood &

Tracey Allison

Christy Vachon & 

Del Levengood

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